Hip hop school

Hip Hop School by Irene Pallarés is a continuous training program of national and international recognition that we offer to our students exclusively within the Girona province. Its main goal is to promote the knowledge, the understanding and practice of urban dance. It addresses those people who seek for a future as a professional dancer or professional instructor. The program pretends to train Hip Hop dancers in a global and balanced way, focusing on work, technique, style, rhythm and expression and it tests them through evaluation exams. Training is divided into 2 units, each one in differents courses. It's the only Hip Hop trainings in Spain, authorized by Irene Pallarés, and approved by the International Hip Hop Federation.

Dance Hall Training by Rafa Ponferrada

This upcoming school year 2015-16, we have launched a Dancehall training course by Rafa Ponferrada, one of Spain’s Dancehall example. It is a unique formation with a completed syllabus (theoretical and practical) which digs deeply into the Dancehall history and foundations. It is tested by a final practical test.

Rafa Ponferrada is a “Swagger Jam” member, a group created to foster Dancehall in Spain; and also a “Feeling Unity” member, the most prestigious Dancehall crew in Europe. Besides, he is the director and choreographer of his own company: “One Love Inna di Place”. He has travelled to Jamaica several times to learn directly from this style’s creators and proponents. He has also increased his formation in other countries such as France or Russia. He has danced with singers like Ghetto Solja and Mr. Vegas in several Jamaican TV shows such as Up & Live and On Stage.

Dance Me styles

We like to offer an assorted trainings to our students. We want them to have a notion and knowledge of the different styles inside the urban dance world. Thus, every 3 months, we alternate and switch choreographies styles' we work in class.

These are our school’s urban dance styles:

  • Hip Hop. It's the urban dance's base. It is characterized by big, fluent movements full of style and attitude.
  • Dancehall. It's a dance style born in Jamaica with Reggae roots. Dancehall moves are fun and are based on daily life actions.
  • Sexy Style. It's a dance style distinguished by feminine and marked moves.
  • Ragga. It combines Dancehall and Hip Hop. It presents a noticeable African influence.
  • Commercial House/Dance. It mixes Hip Hop moves and other styles. House, Dance and Pop Dance music are used in this style.
  • New Style. It is a Hip Hop evolution. It is characterized by energy flows. Choreographies are marked and linear.
  • Technical basis. It is a healthy and physique training which works on the body posture and improves elasticity.